THEA500 Mini US Distribution Delayed, UK and EU Release Unaffected

A500 mini box sample

Retro Games Ltd has announced a distribution problem with THEA500 Mini in North America.

While intended for a March 26th release, this date appears to be impossible to keep to for distribution to American buyers.

In a post to the Retro Games Ltd Facebook page, the company explained the reason for the delay.

18th February 2022 – Sadly we have been informed that due to shipping delays at global ports, across country transport demand in the USA, container demand, and slow shipping transportation in the U.S.A, THEA500 Mini will not be released by retailers until nearer to the end of April 2022. We are still on track with our retail release dates in the EU, UK, Australia and New Zealand. We apologise to our US customers for the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding. From the team here at RGL we look forward to the global launch of THEA500 mini and getting the console into the hands of our valued retro fans.

While disappointing for those in America, there is at least the positive side that THEA500 Mini isn’t delayed indefinitely, and can be expected a month later. This is in contrast to many other retro devices that have been impacted in more devastating ways over the past two years or so.