Mod Your A500 Mini with Amiga Addict Magazine #13!

Mod Your A500 Mini with Amiga Addict Magazine #13!

Last Updated on June 24, 2022

Details of the new edition of Amiga Addict magazine are now available, with issue 13 covering everything from accelerators and FPGA systems to modding the A500 Mini.

Our favourite magazine has gone from strength to strength over the past few months, with the latest issue also bringing you tips on Deluxe Paint, a look at MorphOS, and even an interview with CU Amiga legend Tony Horgan.

We’re only scratching the surface. Here’s the publicised list of features:

  • Speed up and get the most from your Amiga hardware with our accelerator six-page cover feature.
  • Classic game reviews including The Settlers, Gods and Superfrog.
  • Huge roundup of the latest Amiga games due for release in our developer catchup.
  • We interview ex-CU Amiga magazine legend, Tony Horgan!
  • Andrew McCloud (of Amiga For Mortals) picks his favourite six Amiga games in our regular Six Of The Best feature.
  • Modding your TheA500 Mini console.
  • Amiga Art Contest 2021 overview.
  • Game summary from the AmiGameJam 2021 tournament.
  • Deluxe Paint hints and tips with Creative Revolution.
  • A look at the MiniMig FPGA hardware.
  • Amiga Discovery featuring MorphOS.
  • Our coding section continues with Developer Insights.
  • We review the latest and greatest Amiga demos in Demoscene with h0ffman.
  • Stoo Cambridge of Sensible Software.

All the usual news and letters will no doubt be found in Amiga Addict #13.

You can pre-order Amiga Addict #13 right now from the Amiga Addict online store. Copies will be distributed from June 30th. Alternatively, don’t forget that you can now buy Amiga Addict in WHSmith!.

(In fact, I’m toying with the idea of heading to my local branch to buy the new Amiga Addict, just for the retro feels. Sure, it might not be a physical cover disk on AA, but everything else about the magazine ticks the authenticity boxes.)

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