New Amiga Indie Game Super Delivery Boy

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The world of indie retro gaming continues to surprise, as this demo of the forthcoming Amiga title Super Delivery Boy demonstrates.

Sporting cute 16-bit graphics, this immersive platformer is set for a full release later this year but the demo (seen here) is available now as a download from

Inspired by the classic japanese platformers from Konami/Hudson Soft but also with modern elements from games like Katana Zero and Dead Cells.

Expected to be the last demo before the game goes into full production, the game features object and character interaction, music, secret areas, various power ups, and much more.

The game can be played with any Amiga joystick or gamepad, or keyboard (useful for emulators) controls:

  • with any Amiga joystick: A (fire button) to interact, B (or UP) to jump
  • with emulators/keyboard: numpad 4-8-6  to move, numpad 5 to interact with objects (may depends on your custom configuration)
  • “ESC” to skip the credits
  • CHEATS: press “L” to get an extra life, press “C” to get an extra coin

Tested on machines from the Amiga 500 (1Mb) to an expanded Amiga 4000, the ADF file can also be downloaded to play the demo on WinUAE and similar emulators. Super Delivery Boy should be available to buy in December 2021, and a boxed version is in the offing thanks to the publisher of AmigaFuture, APC&TCP.