New Evercade Firmware Update 2.0 Delivers New Features


Blaze Entertainment has released a new Evercade firmware update. Version 2.0 brings a new UI to handheld Evercades putting it in line with the Evercade VS, with a new UI experience and features.

With a new menu screen, addition themes exclusive to handheld systems, and a new UI, new display options have also been bundled in. You can now delete save games and create save game images, while the Evercade firmware update adds support for the Evercade VS Link Cable. This lets you use an Evercade handheld as an additional controller for the new console.

You can update your Evercade handheld by hooking it to your PC using micro USB cable. Meanwhile, a new Mac updater has been released, with a Linux updater expected to be ready for release soon.

Along with various bug fixes, the following features are added in firmware 2.0:

  • Added better ROM run handling (performance boost)
  • Added auto smart cartridge repair (fixes bad saves etc)
  • Added automated cart ROM patching + ROM patch logs on cart
  • Added better handling of vertical overscan cropping on handheld mode for all games. (Less clipping behind the top bezel)
  • Added better version control to assist with support
  • Added critical battery alert. (When battery at 10% or less, Green LED will flash)
  • Added new advanced savestate menus for all games. (Shows save state selection menu and playtime duration for each state)
  • Added new MAX BRIGHTNESS setting.The screen is now capable of much higher brightness with minimal impact on battery life.
  • Added sound priority to emulator backends to reduce sound stuttering and improve performance
  • Added sync routine directly after game launch to help prevent game save and savestate corruption
  • Completely overhauled input handling for MUCH more responsive input and no more dropped inputs
  • Defaulted screen brightness (if not set) to MAX.
  • If running blastem or in HDMI then auto boost clock to MAX before ROM execution for performance boost
  • Improved Emulation resolution handling for more realistic resolutions.
  • Improved HDMI switching process. (Will improve further in next firmware)
  • Improved emulation backend
  • Streamlined and compressed a lot of on console content
  • When switching between HDMI and handheld, Intro video will be skipped instead of waiting 10 seconds
  • Improved savestate backend functionality
  • Improved handheld resolution handling

The Evercade team continue to work on new fixes, updates, and features, for future updates. If you own an Evercade handheld, it’s time to update. Head to the Evercade Handheld Updater page to download the updater. If you have the Evercade VS, go to the Settings menu then System > Check for updates to grab the latest updates.