New Evercade Games Leaked Ahead of Announcement

New Evercade Games Leaked Ahead of Announcement

Last Updated on May 28, 2023

But should we tell you what these new Evercade games are?

Ahead of the May 31st unveiling (which has a dedicated live stream event scheduled), details of two upcoming Evercade cartridges have been leaked online. This is of course quite a big deal, as the team at Blaze Entertainment has been working hard to prepare the Evercade fan community for a big reveal this week.

Following a few months of low-key activity, the Evercade team has been working on some pretty big releases. The second TheC64 collection has been issued, followed very soon by the new Amiga games collection (also known as The Team 17 Collection 1). In short, this leak has come at the wrong time, right before an official announcement. Perhaps the owners of the websites in question didn’t appreciate the sensivity of the releases?

Whatever the case, the details of both cartridges and their contents are now in the public square.

At this moment in time, they’re heavily discussed on Facebook groups (membership approval required), with overseas sites (specifically blamed for listing the collections and their contents.

As this content is pretty sensitive, we’re going to hide it below, just in case you don’t want to know what these Evercade games are until the big day. If you do want to know, click the + symbol to reveal all…

In addition to the names and contents of these cartridges, the covers of these carts have been released. You can look at one here and another here.

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