Latest Amiga Magazine Features Kickstart UK and Other Events

Latest Amiga Magazine Features Kickstart UK and Other Events

Last Updated on May 28, 2023

The unmissable Amiga magazine for is available to preorder now.

Quite simply my favourite magazine in the world is back for another issue on June 1st, with a collection of reviews, features, and interviews.

After two years, the Amiga centric magazine also brings you its first readers survey. There’s also a look at the PiStorm32 Lite, something I’m particularly interested in trying out.

Here’s the full list of features in AA21:

  • We show you how to get your kicks out of the Amiga, with exclusive Kickstart UK event coverage – the Amiga expo ready to take the nation by storm!
  • Amiga Addict’s first Readers Survey – it’s time to have your say on how your favourite Amiga magazine can be improved.
  • Ex-Amiga Power magazine guru, Gary Penn pops in to chat about classic magazines and his career.
  • Amiga Demoscene Special: Revision 2023 by h0ffman.
  • New game reviews including Geo’s Quest 2, Ring Around The World and Boxx 4.
  • Classic Amiga gaming with Desert Strike, Project-X Special Edition, Gods and The Chaos Engine.
  • Animation using Brilliance.
  • Remember dial-up modems and screechy phone lines? Ian checks out the new Amiga BBS from Retro32.
  • Amigas in schools and education.
  • PiStorm32 Lite A1200 trapdoor accelerator review.
  • A remarkable big box Amiga case, Eyetech’s EZ-Tower.
  • NEW! The first instalment of Lost Worlds; a column reviewing Amiga technology and innovations that never made it to the domestic consumer. This month, Ravi looks back fondly at the BoXeR!
  • Our regulars including former-Sensible Software’s Stoo Cambridge, Six Of The Best, Amiga news, User Groups, Amiga Discovery, Classic Coverdisk Of The Month and readers letters.

You can order Amiga Addict online now, or head to your local WHSmith to buy a copy on June 1st. Meanwhile, if you’ve been collecting the magazine for as long as I have, you can now buy an Amiga Addict magazine binder!

I mean, it’s just like the old days!

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