Nightdive’s Bonus Doom Episode Added To The Original Doom 64

Nightdive’s Bonus Doom Episode Added To The Original Doom 64

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

In 2020, Nightdive Studios released a superb port of Doom 64 for multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Steam. To sweeten the deal, Nightdive added a brand new bonus chapter, and fans were delighted to find this extra content was of exceptional quality.

Now, thanks to a small team of modders, the Nightdive Studios episode is playable on the original Nintendo 64. The hack adds a slew of additional quality-of-life features, including the option to make blood ‘green’ akin to the Japanese version. You can read the full features log and download the files over at

Doom 64 takes place shortly after the events of Doom 2 and follows the same tried and true gameplay formula. There are 32 original levels, and Nightdive’s re-release brings that up to 39.

When the original was released in 1997, the title was praised for its high quality. But many remarked that it looked too similar to its predecessors. In their review, IGN even stated, “If you’ve played the PC, PSX, SNES, Mac, Saturn, etc versions to death, you can do without this one.”

Bear in mind Doom 64 came out at a time when the originals were ported to almost every console. Still, Doom 64 quickly garnered a cult following. This hack will surely please fans who enjoy playing on the original hardware.

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