Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Hacked Already

Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.

Just hours after launch, Nintendo’s retro revival of the Game & Watch brand has been hacked!

Boasting a full-colour version of Super Mario Bros., the new Game & Watch looks just like the retro LCD handhelds. There’s a D-Pad, A and B buttons, and the usual menu/start/select options. While it may not fold in half, it’s compact enough to carry anywhere. It’s rechargeable, via a USB-C port.

Launching on November 13th 2020, this exciting little console – retailing for around £50 – has already been hacked. Twitter user @ghidraninja recorded a device teardown, and discovered that the ROM encryption could be bypassed. To add to the excitement, the device shipped a day before release! Copying at this stage isn’t recommended without the right tools. 

Want to learn more? Expand the thread below to see how the Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. edition was hacked.

It shouldn’t be long before the affordable new retro handheld device is playing Doom and other games…

(Via Lilliputing)