October’s Evercade VS Game of the Month Is Lunar Journey

October’s Evercade VS Game of the Month Is Lunar Journey

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

The new Evercade VS Game of the Month has been announced for October. Lunar Journey is a classic-style 8-bit adventure by Greenboy Games, originally issued as a Nintendo Game Boy title and is now coming to Evercade as part of December’s Indie Heroes 2 cartridge.

If you plug in your Evercade VS today and process an update, the game of the month will download. But what is Lunar Journey all about?

In Lunar Journey, you’ve been sent to the moon on a mission to collect six minerals: iron, titanium, aluminium, silicon, calcium and magnesium. You’ll need to find all of these before you can return to Earth but, as you might expect, things aren’t quite as simple as just finding them lying around.

The moon is populated, you see — there are aliens everywhere and you’ll need to interact with them in order to achieve your goals! Some aliens are friendly, while others are less so; by exploring the moon you’ll discover various items that you’ll be able to make use of in order to manipulate the environment and perhaps win the trust of some of the less friendly aliens.

You can explore the moon freely using your jetpack — simply use the D-Pad to move around as you see fit without having to worry about pesky gravity. The B button allows you to interact with aliens and objects around the moon, and most items can be picked up by simply moving into them and pressing B. Once you hold an item, try interacting with obstacles you couldn’t previously bypass — you’ll find a pair of pliers early on, for example, which let you cut through wire fences, gates and suchlike.

Learn more by downloading the game, or head to the Evercade website listing. Remember, Evercade VS owners, the Game of the Month only lasts, well, a month, so act fast if you want to try Lunar Journey before it arrives on the Indie Heroes II cart.

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