The Most Rare Nintendo DS Games Are in a McDonald’s

The Most Rare Nintendo DS Games Are in a McDonald’s

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

A McDonald’s training program employed developers to create what has become one of the most rare Nintendo DS games.

What if you just got hired for a new job and training had to be completed through a video game? This is what Japan had in mind for its chain of McDonald’s restaurants.

When you think of rare Nintendo DS games, you may imagine a shiny golden cartridge of a popular game. However, it was none other than a training simulator for McDonald’s employees, known as eCrew Development Program or eDCP. This landed in the online market in June 2020. It looks like a standard Nintendo DS cartridge, but with a unique purpose as demonstrated by YouTuber TheRetroFuture.

One of these games alone has been known to be on the online market for approximately $3,300 USD.

It also had its own matching DSi and a standard black system boasting the McDonald’s “M” on the front. Once A light-hearted montage of the gameplay ahead and its real life counterparts in a McDonald’s kitchen greets you when you launch the game. It even includes its own grand rendition of the McDonald’s jingle. Each cartridge comes with its own distinct passcodes to access the content of the game.

Turning Japanese (and fries)

The game is almost entirely in Japanese; however there is a known ROM hack to play it in English. Staff members can pick their own avatar for their training, and your progress is saved and compared on graphs. Challenges are used to show the process of making food items in a McDonald’s kitchen. Do you know how to put burgers together and package them up?

Play this game, and you will!

There are also quizzes to test employee knowledge of working at McDonald’s. In addition, it offers useful information about recipes, preparation and food hygiene.

Job training has never been more interesting! But would you play this game, or simply stick with Overcooked…?

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