Out Soon: Turbo Tomato for Amiga

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A new Amiga battle arena game, Turbo Tomato, is set to release soon on Amiga from Nivrig Games and Bitmap Soft. Featuring fast moving tomatoes (no, really), the game looks like some of the most frantic fun ever pumped through the Denise chip.

TURBO TOMATO is a high-explosive arena battle game, coming soon for the Classic Amiga platform from NIVRIG GAMES and BITMAP SOFT.

Take control of Turbo and Nitra Tomato in fast, one or two player co-op arcade action across four non-linear worlds packed with power ups, bonus items and increasingly dangerous crazed mutant fruit and vegetables!

Can you uncover the terrible secret?

Can you save The Garden?

With music by Mark “TDK” Knight, Turbo Tomato is coming July 31st 2021. Enjoy the trailer? Check this gameplay preview on AmigaBill’s Twitch channel.