Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo DS Fan Project

Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo DS Fan Project

One of the top games on the Nintendo Wii was Super Mario Galaxy, released in 2007. A title so deep, memorable, and loved that it was revived for 2020’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection for the Nintendo Switch.

Sadly, while Super Mario Galaxy has had a release on Android in China, that is as mobile as things get for the rest of the world. Enter the Nintendo DS homebrew community, which has been working on a conversion for the portable platform.

Some years ago, there was an April Fool of Super Mario Galaxy DS – this isn’t that. Rather this appears to be a genuine video captured from a DS or emulator. As the uploader says:

After working on the engine for the past few months we are able to make playable levels now. Everything you see in this video, including the audio, works on real hardware. Yes we are aware that many sound effects and other things are missing.

Uploaded to a YouTube channel simply called Jesse, development has clearly been in progress for some time. The first video was uploaded three years ago, with subsequent videos demonstrating objects, water, and matter splatter. In short, this seems far from a hoax.

But of course there is a downside. Nintendo likes to keep a tight reign on its properties. If the project ever sees the light of day, it is likely to be limited to a very select group before being shut down…


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