Pi Overclocking, Light Gun, and Switch Controllers Support Added to Recalbox 7.2

Light gun support added to Recalbox 7.2

Improved Raspberry Pi 4 support, light gun games, and Switch controller support have been added to Recalbox 7.2, available to download later this week. 

The retro gaming emulation suite is going to strength to strength in 2021, with new games, new emulator cores, Bluetooth sound, and background improvements to the main interface.

Light-Gun Games

The addition of lightgun support means over 250 more games can now be played on Recalbox. Arcade games, Megadrive, MegaCD, Dreamcast, and PlayStation titles relying on light guns can now be revisited and enjoyed once again! At this time traditional light guns cannot be used – instead, you’ll need one Wiimote and one Mayflash DolphinBar per player.

Raspberry Pi Overclocking

If you’re running Recalbox on the Raspberry Pi 4, the team have tested and chosen four optimal overclock settings to improve framerates on CPU and GPU intensive games.

Nintendo Switch Joycons Now Supported

Recalbox now supports both left and right Joycons, individually and as a combined controller.

Improved ODROID-GO Advance/Super Performance for PSX/N64/PSP

Enjoying Recalbox on the ODROID-GO Advance/Super? Improved support for PSX, N64, and PSP games means that you can enjoy almost full speed on the popular retro gaming handhelds.

Five New Systems in Recalbox 7.2

In Recalbox 7.2 you can find five new supported systems added to the nearly 120 systems already supported: Watara Supervision, PICO-8, Pocket Challenge V2, Electronika BK, EPOCH SuperCassette Vision.

New systems in Recalbox 7.2

New Emulators (Hardware Dependent)

Three new emulators are also available in Recalbox 7.2:

  • Libretro NeoCD added as NeoGeoCD core: loads CDs so much faster!
  • Libretro DOSBOX Pure: Don’t struggle with complicated DOS setups anymore! These games
    have never been more plug & play!
  • Libretro-craft: A Minecraft clone available on x86 & x64 platforms only.

However, whether you see these will depend on your hardware, so check the release notes for full details.

Enhanced Recalbox Installation and Game Clips Screensaver

Improved visual elements have been added to Recalbox, with eight overview slides appearing when installing for the first time. Further, a tutorial displays on the ODROID-GO Advance and Super to teach you how to use the special buttons. And there’s a new screensaver feature that plays videos of your games while your Recalbox system is idling.

Bluetooth Audio

Sick of wires getting in your way? Recalbox is set to feature support for Bluetooth headphones or speakers. In Recalbox 7.2, the pairing method is the same as for Bluetooth controllers, although this will probably change.

Further Improvements in Recalbox 7.2

In addition to all of the above, the new edition of Recalbox features improvements to:

  • Main menu
  • Sound
  • Internal Scraper
  • System
  • Emulators
  • Bug Fixes

Recalbox 7.2 is available from Friday, April 23rd 2021. Head to www.recalbox.com for full details and the download page.