Amiga vs Atari ST in Amiga Addict

Amiga vs Atari ST in Amiga Addict

Last Updated on April 22, 2021

A welcome sound on the doormat of late has been the arrival of Amiga Addict, the excellent new print magazine dedicated to arguably the greatest home computer of all time. Currently at issue 4, Amiga Addict is unmissable for anyone with a love of the 16-bit system.

Launched earlier in 2021, Amiga Addict is published by Simulant Systems Ltd and edited by Jonah Naylor, with Ravi Abbott, James Walker, Ian Griffiths, Paul Monaghan, and Hannah Clark. The level of love and knowledge of the Amiga oozes off the page with every issue, which is precisely why every Amiga lover should be buying it. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an original system or emulating – Amiga Addict is everything you need to feel connected to the Amiga world. The look and layout of the magazine evoke the retro era mags like Amiga Format and Amiga Action while remaining obviously a product of the 21st century.

You can expect features, interviews, letters, and retrospectives. So much love and effort goes into Amiga Addict that it really does deserve the full support of everyone in the Amiga world.

As of January 2021, Amiga Addict is is (cover your eyes) my bath time read of choice.

Issue 4, pictured above, includes:

  • Feature on snack food and Amiga in-game advertising. Each member of the AA team tries a snack and we look at the related games
  • An exclusive chat with ex-Amiga Format Editor Marcus Dyson
  • Review of the brand new version of Amiga Forever
  • Amiga and Atari go head to head
  • The US Amiga perspective from 10MARC and Pintz and Amiga!
  • Dan Wood looks at the mindful side of Amiga
  • Civitas Nihilium – an Amiga-made commercial board game
  • The story of the super rare CD1200 drive
  • Our usual features – Six of the Best, Readers’ Letters, Demoscene, hardware & tutorials

Find out more – and you should really subscribe – at, and follow them on Twitter @amigamagazine.

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