PlayStation 2, SEGA Saturn and More Systems Added in Recalbox 8.0

Recalbox 8.0

You’ve heard a lot about Recalbox 8.0 over the past week, but did you know that it has added PlayStation 2 and SEGA Saturn support?

This PC-only enhancement (not for Raspberry Pi and other SBCs) brings the 21 year old system to Recalbox, bringing with it over 10,000 titles. Recalbox 8.0 features the latest PCSX2 emulator, with CHD support and a 98% compatibility level.

Meanwhile, Raspberry Pi 4 uses have some good news. The SEGA Saturn has been added to Recalbox 8.0, 26 years after its European release. This gives you the ability to dip into a catalog of amazing titles, most of which where never played outside of Japan.

Also in Recalbox 8.0 you can expect the following new emulated systems to join the existing 120:

Playstation 2: Sony’s second console, the Playstation 2 is the best-selling game console in
history. With more than 10,000 titles released on it, you’ll have something to occupy your
afternoons! (PC only)

SEGA Saturn: 26 years after its release in France, SEGA’s Saturn is coming back to life and
has finally arrived on Recalbox on Raspberry Pi 4! An opportunity to rediscover its incredible
catalog, whose best titles have unfortunately not crossed the borders of Japan…

TRS80 CoCo (for Color Computer): Following the first series of TRS-80, from which it does
not take the Z80 processor, the TRS80 runs 6809 from Motorola (same CPU as thomson
MO5/TO7/…) and has a colour display. More known across the Atlantic than in Europe.

Dragon 32/64: European clone of the TRS80 CoCo. These are the same machine (except for a few details), 99% compatible with each other. The games are on cartridges, K7, and floppy disks (we recommend cartridges, easier to use). The games are rather simplistic, but you can still find the well known titles of this time. In order not to disturb users, both systems have been added to Recalbox 8.0: TRS-80 CoCo and Dragon 32/64.

TI-99/4A: The only one computer from Texas Instrument, running a CPU from… Texas
instrument. The machine is very old (pre-80); gitles like Frogger and PacMan clones take the lead. These new TI-99/4A, Dragon 32/64 and TRS80 CoCo emulators handle joysticks perfectly. Fully playable with the joystick without any configuration.

BBC Micro: We are proud to offer exclusively on Recalbox, the port of Beebem, a BBC Micro emulator, a very popular machine in England. (Sound is not yet functional but it’s coming soon).

LowRes NX: Virtual console that allows you to create your own retro games in classic BASIC very easily! Lots of tools are included if you are a beginner. Advanced users can let their imagination run wild!

To enjoy these emulated systems in the unified glory of Recalbox 8.0, download the suite from