Zool Heads to Evercade With Gremlin Collection 1 Cartridge

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Six classic  8, 16 and 32-bit games from Gremlin Graphics and Gremlin Interactive are coming to the Evercade in 2022.

Among the titles you’ll find Zool, an Amiga classic that has recently found a new life on the PC via Steam. it is also set at appear on THEA500 mini when that console is released. The team behind the Evercade consider the game selection on the Gremin Collection 1 cartridge to be “a great snapshot of the near two decades that Gremlin Graphics and Gremlin Interactive developed and released games for the home console markets, including some great platform, sports, and strategy games that the company became world-renowned for.”

Evercade cartridge #24 contains:

• Actua Soccer
• Brain Bender
• Hardcore 4X4
• Premier Manager 97
• Utopia: The Creation of a Nation
• Zool

Who are Gremlin?

Launching from a computer hardware store in 1984, Gremlin Graphics found instant success with the Monty Mole series before transitioning to a licensed developer with a range of arcade to home computer conversions.

Switching between sporting titles, licensed racing games, and platformers, Gremlin boasted a raft of instant classics, from Zool to the Premier Manager series, and many others. After renaming to Gremlin Interactive and developing games for th 32-bit platforms from 1994 onward, the Actua series was launched, aiming for graphical quality and realism with titles such as Actua Soccer.

Gremlin Interactive was eventually swallowed up into Infogrames Studios Limited, and when this studio was wound up, the remaining developers formed Sumo Digital.

The second cartridge in Evercade’s 2022 lineup is scheduled for release in March 2022. Learn more on the Evercade website.