Codename: Loop Gets Playable Demo for a New Take on Half-LIfe

Codename: Loop Gets Playable Demo for a New Take on Half-LIfe

Last Updated on June 23, 2023

You can now experience Half-Life in a whole new way with a playable demo of the Valve-approved Codename: Loop.

Most Half-Life and Half-Life 2 mods add a fun new dimension to the esteemed FPS adventure series. Some upgrade the graphics; others rework the story with later technologies (such as Black Mesa). Few get the Valve seal of approval, however, remaining as free works on ModDb.

That’s what makes Codename: Loopfirst revealed back in October 2022 – not just different, but enticing. Built in Unity, the demo features a portion of the early Half-Life level “Questionable Ethics” and support for additional maps. And in a shock development, the game will be listed on Steam at some point (hence the lack of “Half-Life” in the title).

The idea behind the game is simple: the G-Man has time-looped Gordon Freeman to assess his suitability for future missions.

This demo includes a single map, which is a small section of Questionable Ethics (adapted by Hezus), where we aim to demonstrate the majority of features currently included in Codename: Loop. However, there are many more things in this demo!

The ModDb listing for Project: Loop highlights the following features:

  • Almost complete BSP support.
  • Lots of player models.
  • Developer Console with lots of useful commands.
  • Subtitles (English only).
  • All original Half-Life weapons (can be used in custom maps or spawned via console).
  • Isometric, over the shoulder and (crappy) first person view (useful for map makers to do metal gear style vents, etc)
  • All original Half-Life enemies, except for the Bosses and Alien-Controller (can be used in custom maps or spawned via console).
  • For map makers, all enemies/npcs can be set to be allies or foes.

You can download Codename: Loop using the link below.

Download Codename: Loop – Questionable Ethics Demo – Mod DB

It’s probably worth visiting to make sure you’re subscribed to all the project’s social media activity.

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