Quake II’s Iconic Soundtrack Is Now Coming To Vinyl

Quake II’s Iconic Soundtrack Is Now Coming To Vinyl

Last Updated on August 16, 2023

We recently reported on several classic Pinball Machine soundtracks getting a physical release on vinyl. If that’s your jam, you’re in luck, as Quake II‘s iconic soundtrack is getting the same treatment.

Laced Records announced the project on their official Twitter Page:

As you can see, the limited edition version of the soundtrack looks absolutely stunning. If the bright orange and yellow vinyl are a little garish for your tastes, fear not, as the collection is also available in black on the official store page.

The description on the website reads the following:

“Laced Records, id Software and Bethesda proudly present the music of seminal 1997 first-person shooter Quake II on vinyl.

19 specially remastered tracks by Sonic Mayhem and Jer Sypult will be pressed onto heavyweight discs. Sleeve artwork is by id Software, with Jason Williford providing character illustrations.”

This soundtrack isn’t a one-off, either. Laced Records have an impressive inventory of vinyl soundtracks from well-known titles such as Devil May CryYakuza: Like A Dragon, and Hi-Fi Rush. Laced Records are based in the UK and offer worldwide shipping.

The Quake II soundtracks aren’t in stock just yet but are available to pre-order. The estimated release date is January 2024, but if you’ve got your heart set on the eye-catching limited editions, it may be best to register your interest early.  

It seems that vinyls are having a mini resurgence right now. Whether it’s because of nostalgia or how stylish they look. Whatever the reason, if it means I may be able to own some of my favorite PS1 soundtracks on physical media someday, I’m all for it. 

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