Could Fake Game Boy Vending Machine Carts Hit the UK?

Could Fake Game Boy Vending Machine Carts Hit the UK?

A gaming fan was recently astonished to discover a vending machine, in a low key mall in Southern California, dishing out Game Boy games for only $16 a piece.

Although merchandise appears to be limited to GB and GBA Pokemon Cart, there is apparently a bonus solitary Jolly Rancher in there too, claims a poster on a recent thread on ResetEra.

As curious gamers started scouting about, machines have been found with prices as low as $10 cash, meaning it’s almost a certainty that these are fake copies.

Bootleg copies are available widely across internet selling sites, and with some classic retro games selling for hundreds, many see it as the only viable way to get hold of them despite the potential reliability risks. Only the new Pokemon games are currently available on the Switch, further fuelling these prices and making the gamble more tempting.

What’s all the more surprising is that this vending machine has been there for quite some time, shadowed by a similar timeline of online interest, across various platforms such as TikTok. However, as far as we are aware they haven’t yet attracted any interest from Nintendo’s lawyers, despite their contact details being clearly visible on the front.

Time will tell whether the UK will be seeing similar Game Boy vending machines appearing in local shopping centres.

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