Quest for Infamy – Stunning Mixed Genre Throwback Out This Week

Quest for Infamy – Stunning Mixed Genre Throwback Out This Week

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

Release of retro game-style Quest for Infamy is slated for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S and Switch this Friday, March 4th 2022.

From developer Infamous Quests and Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, Quest for Infamy is a 90s-style adventure game, with a point-and-click user interface. With a script full of humour and wit, the game combines serious RPG elements with an in-depth adventure experience. A large, explorable world features in the game, along with hundreds of NPCs, in three-act story that sprawls locations such as the quiant village of Volksville, the city of Tyr, Rogue’s beach, and many other locations.

Quest For Infamy starts with Mr. Roehm, a roguish fellow, escaping the clutches of Baron Brandlevrot, who believes he’s done him wrong – and he escapes in a straw-filled cart to the town of Volksville, in the picturesque Valley of Krasna. Stuck in town, due to a bridge being out, Mr. Roehm finds himself unintentionally drawn into the secretly nefarious goings on in the valley. As he explores the town and valley, he faces a strange cult that has plans for the peaceful valley, and unravels the connection to a mystery that has long plagued the people of Krasna.

Roehm can seek out one of three mentors which will teach him about the different classes he can become – a rogue, a sorcerer or a brigand.   He can use his cunning, brains or brawn to craft his own adventure! Learn the secrets of thievery and practice your sneakiness on the path of the rogue. Train your muscles and forge friendships with a brutish band of toughs on the path of the Brigand. Learning magic spells on the path of the sorcerer; gathering items and reagents to create spells as you learn how to use magic to your advantage are all part of the overall experience in Quest for Infamy.

Key features you can experience and enjoy in Quest for Infamy include:

  • Fully hand painted backgrounds and hand animated figures.
  • Over 200 locations to explore 
  • Three different paths through the game with different classes to choose from.
  • An intuitive combat and magic system.
  • Plenty of secrets to find on your exploration of the Valley of Krasna.
  • Plus lots more……………

You can grab the digital release of Quest For Infamy for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch from March 4th 2022 priced $9.99 / €9.99.

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