Intellivision Collection 2 Announced for Evercade VS and Handheld

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A new Evercade cartridge for handheld and VS systems has been announced ahead of its May release. The Intellivision Collection 2 adds a further 12 games to the previous collection of 12 titles (cart #21).

The Intellivision home games console was a device released by Mattel in the US in 1979, arriving in the UK in 1981. A total of 133 titles were released on the Intellivision before it ceased production in 1989, including 118 game cartridges. Following Intellivision Collection 1, this new collection ups the number of Intellivision titles for the Evercade platform to 24.

In the Intellivision Collection 2 you can expect to play:

  • Cloudy Mountain
  • Tower of Doom
  • Hover Force
  • Star Strike
  • Vectron
  • Auto Racing
  • Sharp Shot
  • Stadium Mud Buggies
  • Super Pro Decathlon
  • Motocross
  • Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing
  • Reversi

Meanwhile, there is a rumour of a hidden game if you insert Intellivision Collection 1 and Intellivision Collection 2 into your Evercade VS.

Here’s how the cart was announced on Facebook:

Pre-orders for the May release commence on March 31st. Head to Evercade’s Intellivision Collection 2 page for more details.