Resident Evil 4 Remade as a GBA Side Scrolling Shooter

Resident Evil 4 Remade as a GBA Side Scrolling Shooter

A Resident Evil 4 2D demake looks amazing and could have been a GBA title back in the day.

The retro gaming community thrive off nostalgia. The definition of “new” means something a little different for us. Remakes of classic games are made for accessibility of new audiences, however remakes are what makes things interesting and involves a bit more creative thinking.

For example: how do you turn a 3D GameCube game into a Game Boy Advance style side scroller?

The Resident Evil 4 2D demake might just answer that question. An ambitious fan that goes by DooMero on YouTube has given a glimpse of their ongoing project to the 2005 survival horror title into a side-scrolling shooter not too dissimilar from the GBA aesthetic. Undertaken on the modding engine GZDoom, this project has been in the works for some time. You can see a demonstration on what DooMero has worked on so far in their video above.

They did a great job of maintaining an immersive environment, with layers of foreground and background, really making it feel as though Leon is part of his surroundings. There has been no release date confirmed as of yet but knowing that projects like these are continuing to evolve and grow only makes things more exciting!

Resident Evil 4 really is a game that fans just keep coming back to. Last year, we told you about Save Room, the Resident Evil inspired inventory management game.

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