Retro Games Ltd Hint More Products, Possible ZX Spectrum Mini?

Retro Games Ltd Hint More Products, Possible ZX Spectrum Mini?

Could Retro Games Ltd be planning a ZX Spectrum Mini? In a Facebook post to celebrate the Spectrum’s 40th anniversary, an otherwise unnecessary segueway mention of “three new products in parallel development” has set retro fan minds racing.

The published post read:

We just wanted to say Happy 40th Anniversary to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum!

Many people ask will we ever do a version of the Spectrum, obviously we are focussed right now on #THEC64 and #THEA500, but as many of you know, Chris and Paul both worked with Sir Clive Sinclair prior to RGL.

So to give a nearly straight answer to all your frequent what’s next questions but without being too specific, past THEA500 we have THREE new products in parallel development right now, with new permanent RGL staff joining the team very soon… so once more happy 40th ZX Spectrum, and thank you Clive for your friendship and legacy to us all, from the RGL team.

#zxspectrum #retrogaming

Couldit be true? Is Retro Games Ltd planning a ZX Spectrum Mini? Are they merely testing the water, or is the whole reaction to their post a complete misunderstanding? Why else mention “Chris and Paul both worked with Sir Clive Sinclair?”

We know already that an “A500 Maxi” in development. As the company is likely to aim primarily at products popular in the UK that have not been revisited in any significant way previously, the list of possible projects beyond the large version of the A500 Mini is quite small. Beyond the ZX Spectrum Mini, could there be a BBC Micro Mini? Perhaps an Amstrad 464 Mini?

An outside bet would be a compact revivial of the Dragon 32 or Acorn Archimedes (the latter of which could conceivably be supported by a BBC Micro Mini). Completely unlikely? A Teletext machine.

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