Ultra Rare Commodore 65 Prototype Sold on eBay Auction for $50,000

Commodore 65

A recent eBay auction for an “Ultra Rare Commodore 65 Prototype” closed at $50,000.

If you’re a retro gamer/tech enthusiast, you’ve most likely heard of the Commodore 64. This little-known machine is nothing more than arguably the most popular home computer of the 80s. (Hopefully, you made it through the sarcasm with your heart still working).

With a robust ten-year run, the C64 is recognized by many tech-heads and gen-Xers as a legendary machine. At the time, word had circulated regarding the potential for a Commodore 65, which by now you know had never been released despite several magazines and tech media sectors teasing its impending existence.

While it was never officially launched, the C65’s prototype is rumored to have anywhere from 50 to 2,000 units scattered worldwide, according to a Gizmodo report. Among those units, an even smaller fraction is believed to be functional. Because the chance of not only seeing one of those bad boys but finding one that works is so astronomically rare, it’s natural that getting your hands on one would cost a year of an average wage earner’s salary.

One such Commodore 65 prototype was discovered on sale on eBay, and it just sold for $50,000 in the auction. According to the owner, this C65 – as if it wasn’t already rare – has a boost in “rarity stat” because of the plastic molding “not [being] roughened, so the case still has a high-glossy look and the POWER and DRIVE test is missing.”

Although that must have been a pretty big hit to their wallet, that buyer is exceptionally fortunate to have one of the few working Commodore 65s never to be released. Communities are working hard to revive the C65, such is the sense of a missed opportunity. It’s nice to see people still passionate about these vestiges of our prominent tech history.