Retro Golden Age Announces 3 Spanish ZX Spectrum Games for Steam

Retro Golden Age Announces 3 Spanish ZX Spectrum Games for Steam

Zerouno Games has announced the upcoming release of three classic ZX Spectrum games under the Retro Golden Age label this March.

Goody, Operation Alexandra, and Livingstone, I Presume will form the Boomer Pack on this label, which aims to offer classic games to a new generation while maintaining their original essence and providing players with challenging adventures.

In addition to these retro games, the label also includes other modern games that are meant for older systems.

ZX Spectrum Games in the Boomer Pack

Here are details on the three games:

  • Goody: Originally released on the SPECTRUM console, this 80s action, platform, and puzzle game puts players in the shoes of a bank robber in an updated version for Steam with new features such as saving, filters, screen configuration, and Spanish hit songs.
  • Livingstone, I Presume: This game is based on the real-life story of David Livingstone, a famous English missionary and explorer who disappeared during his mission in Africa. Players take on the role of explorer and journalist Henry Morton Stanley as they search for Livingstone in Zanzibar.
  • Operation Alexandra: This arcade-style video game takes place in an abandoned military base in Alexandra Land, inside the Arctic Circle, that is inhabited by unknown beings. Players must use their skills and intelligence to fight enemies and explore the base’s depths to uncover its secrets.

All three games are horizontal scrollers from the dawn of Spanish video game development, and feature:

  • Game from the original studio
  • Screen aspects
  • Game filters
  • Save games
  • Rewind
  • Original instruction manual
  • Original material
  • Development notes
  • Trophies
  • Steam

All three titles will be available for purchase separately at €5.99 or as thee Boomer Pack bundle for €14.99 on the PC|Steam platform from Friday, March 31st.

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