Which Retro Spectrum Games Can You Play on Steam?

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Monty Mole! Horace! Pimania! All these ZX Spectrum games and many more are all available on Steam right now, courtest of Pixel Games UK.

Joining them this week is a new addition, Phantom Club, released back in 1987 by Ocean.

Only you, Plutus, lowliest of the Phantom Club’s superheroes, can save the once-proud Club from the clutches of the evil Zarg! Use your mighty ‘Brainstorm’ power to fight such fearsome enemies as the terrifying ‘transforming beings’ and the loathsome ‘man-spiders’!

The list of ZX Spectrum games you can play on Steam is growing, with Pixel Games UK listing titles dating back to 1982.

In addition, several collections are available, such as The Horace Trilogy (Hungry Horace, Horace Goes Skiing, Horace and the Spiders) and Mugsy & Mugsy’s Revenge.

These games are designed to run on Windows, and with the various compatibility layers incorporated into the Steam Deck version of SteamOS, they’ll probably run on that device (your mileage may vary). Failing that, there is emulation.

Pixel Games UK’s other titles include MS-DOS classic Lost Patrol, Philips CDi release Mystic Midway: Rest in Pieces, and many others. If you’re looking for some classic Spectrum games or general retro gaming on your PC and don’t want to bother with installing and configuring an emulator, Pixel Games UK’s Steam page is the place to start.