SEGA Astro City Mini V Announced

SEGA Astro City Mini V Announced

New from SEGA in 2022 is the Astro City Mini V desktop arcade machine, a follow on to thre Astro City Mini. Shipping with 37 games, this mini arcade cabinet features a key new feature.

The “V” in the title doesn’t refer to this being the fifth model. Instead, it indicates the vertical – or portrait – display, seen in this tweet:

The 37 games, meanwhile, include third party titles beyond SEGA’s own IPs. So far, 22 games have been revealed:

  • Zaxxon
  • Action Fighter
  • Wrestle War
  • Desert Breaker
  • Raiden
  • Batsugun Dogyuun
  • V-V
  • Same! Same! Same!
  • Out Zone
  • Truxton (Tatsujin)
  • Truxton II (Tatsujin-ou)
  • Shippu Mahou Daisakusen
  • Armed Police Batrider
  • Battle Bakraid
  • Sengoku Ace
  • Strikers 1945
  • Gunbird
  • Moon Cresta
  • Terra Cresta
  • Cosmo Police Galivan
  • Sonic Wings

Also available with the SEGA Astro City Mini V is an optional stand, an optional controller, and an HDMI cable to play games through a television.

The SEGA Astro City Mini V hits shelves in Japan in Summer 2022 for ¥19,580, which is around £125. Worldwide release details are not yet known.


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