Evercade Censors Gaelco Glass: “Pretty nasty stuff”

Glass from Gaelco

It has been learned that Blaze Entertainment have censored the game Glass which features in the Gaelco Arcade 1 collection.

The discovery was made following a query on Facebook concerning missing elements from the title which was originally released in Spain back in 1993.

Responding to the query Evercade representatives posted:

We found some pretty nasty stuff inside the game beyond what you can see between levels. There was the potential for this to be accessible in ways We couldn’t predict. We had to make this change or not release the game.

“Nasty stuff”? Yes, along these lines: “there are no anime girls or boys in the Evercade release.” Hardly a surprise, when you think about it. But then, consider the game’s description in the Gaelco Arcade 1 collection:

In the story of Glass, a long time ago, aliens attacked us on Earth. Now it’s our turn to fight back on their home planets — by stripping each stage of its layer of glass to uncover the unexpected and surprising secrets beneath!

Enjoy this cheeky, saucy classic in either “Boys Mode” or “Girls Mode” depending on your own preferences.

At this point it is unknown whether other Evercade titles have been censored. Given that this is a particularly extreme example however it would seem unlikely. But should games be censored in this way?

Answering “no” to this question is okay. Games like Glass were released in a different age; they come from a country with different attitudes. While images in the game may have actually been quite unpalatable when they were released, its release back then should not be a surprise.

These days of course things are different and rightly so it isn’t really appropriate to create similar visuals for any age group. Blaze Entertainment have (in my view) done exactly the right thing in censoring the game. Indeed, they should take the same approach to other suspect titles should they be suggested for future collections.

After all Blaze Entertainment want the Evercade and particularly the Evercade VS to be enjoyed by all the family. Those games remain available in their original state either on the genuine media or on ROM files, so no one is really losing out. You’re just being asked to play the game in a more socially acceptable way.

That seems like the best way forward for everyone, doesn’t it?