Shadow Gangs Dreamcast Game Kickstarter Launches

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A new Kickstarter aims to make a Shadow Gangs Dreamcast release a reality. Current gen scrolling arcade ninja action title Shadow Gangs boasts a classic aesthetic, while remaining complete modern with 60FPS visuals, among other things.

In an advanced state of development for Dreamcast, Shadow Gangs‘ developer ShadowTeam expects the completed project to have a physical release and launch by the expected due date of April 2023. The only problem is that at the time of writing, only £15,445 has been pledged of the £139,999 goal, with 24 days remaining.

The accompanying video demonstrates the game, comparing the Xbox Series X and Dreamcast versions.

The intended specification for the Dreamcast project are as follows:


  • 640*480 native resolution (No scaling).
  • 60 FPS with perfect smooth scrolling and animations.
  • Up to 6 parallax scrolling layers.
  • Lots of on screen action.
  • CDDA music.
  • VMU for save and load.
  • Rumble option when using a Rumble Pack.
  • Configurable controls.


  • HD sprites and background art.
  • 15 levels, and a special bonus stage.
  • 6 bosses.
  • 10 different melee attacks, 2 hero forms (fighter and ninja).
  • More than 30 different enemies.
  • Mines and Ninja magic special attacks.
  • 11 different music tracks.
  • 3 difficulty levels.

Kickstarter pledges for the Shadow Gangs Dreamcast project include a basic £10 support option, Dreamcast Digital Edition for £25, physical editions for £45 and above, and even a Dreamcast and current gen version for £40. Many more backing options are available.

You can download a demo version of Shadow Gangs for SEGA Dreamcast, suitable for emulators or burning to CDR and running on an original device.