See The World’s Smallest Nintendo 64!

See The World’s Smallest Nintendo 64!

Last Updated on March 20, 2021

Check out the world’s smallest ever N64 – as verified by Guinness World Records! 

Following limited releases of smaller versions of the NES and SNES, fans have been begging for a similar re-release of the much-loved Nintendo 64; alas, the company seems reluctant to do so Gunnar Turnquist from Waltham in Massachusetts has taken matters into his own hands. He’s scaled down the item while maintaining the console’s original motherboard; then he’s created a new LCD screen, and refashioned parts of a real N64 controller, albeit replacing the C- and L-buttons with joysticks taken from a Switch Joy-Con (which are really expensive – you have to admire his passion!).

The device is wide enough for you to pop in an original game cartridge, unlike the NES and SNES Minis released by Nintendo which already had titles installed and no further ones could be added in.

It’s an amazing feat, especially considering how chunky the classic console is.

Turnquist enthuses:

“I was inspired to make this project since I love the N64 and it was my first game console I had growing up.”

So how tiny is the smallest N64 ever? A standard N64 is 7.2cm tall, 25.9cm wide, and 19cm deep; whereas this custom-made one is 8.4cm by 11.8cm by 4.50cm. So it’s substantially tinier!

That does, of course, mean that Turnquist’s N64 is portable, so while the rest of us mugs are confined to playing the Switch or 3DS on-the-go, Gunnar is, as they say, living his best life.

Which game would you play first on this bite-sized handheld N64? Diddy Kong Racing sounds especially apt…

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