Rewriting the Past: Street Fighter II Amiga Demo

Rewriting the Past: Street Fighter II Amiga Demo

Last Updated on June 14, 2021

Street Fighter II on Amiga was absolutely terrible and remains largely unplayable to this day. Despite the bountiful pleasures of the Amiga 500’s hardware capabilities, the publisher, US Gold, opted for a fast release that looked good in screenshots.

But as this tech demo from Neeso Games reveals, Street Fighter II can run on Amiga 500 and 600 and look reasonably impressive. How? They used Scorpion Engine, the game creation kit for Amiga that runs on Windows. 

The game is very buggy but allowes basic moves like walk, jump/fall, punch, kick and hadouken.

Admittedly it’s imperfect and is some way from a fully functioning game, but you can clearly see how well it could work on the Amiga. Want to play? The finished version has the full playability of a single Street Fighter II battle, plus sound, so is more playable and advanced than the demo above.

Download this Street Fighter II tech demo from

All this is quote interesting, because it seems that a desire to right the wrong of the US Gold port of Street Fighter II is widespead. While Neeso Games is not progressing with their project, someone else could. That may or may not be Swedish developers Pixel Shade who took the time to make a video explaining how an AGA conversion of Street Fighter II for Amiga 1200 might work.

In this day and age of MAME emulators, of course, it might be somewhat pointless to sweat over poor conversions of games that originally ran on cabinets. On the other hand, of course, who doesn’t want a Street Fighter II Amiga conversion to run at its full potential?

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