Super Sprint Never Hit Amiga – Meet Turbo Sprint

Super Sprint Never Hit Amiga – Meet Turbo Sprint

Arcade classic Super Sprint was a multiplayer top-down multiplayer racing video game by Atari Games running on Atari System 2 units. Arriving in arcades in 1986, it was a successor to earlier monochrome titles such as the Sprint series.

Following a successful run in the arcades, Super Sprint was released on Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, NES, and ZX Spectrum.

But there has never been an Amiga version of Super Sprint – until now.

Released as Turbo Sprint by developer Graeme Cowie, this is a faithful reproduction of the original game, expanding the playability factor by one. Instead of three players, Turbo Sprint has a four player mode. Control is mapped to two portions of the keyboard and both game ports on the Amiga. While there is no frantic steering wheel spinning, Turbo Sprint otherwise appears to capture the magic of the original Super Sprint.

Designed for AGA machines, Turbo Sprint can be downloaded from This is a time limited Beta (1.4) at the time of writing, with work still to be done. You can download it today run on your Amiga A1200/A4000/CD32, or on an Amiga emulator.

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