The Secret Is Out: Evercade VS Is a Dual-Cartridge, Four Player Console!

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After weeks of speculation, Evercade has finally revealed the true nature of the Evercade VS. Yes, it’s a home console, but there is much more to the follow up to the original Evercade handheld.

Evercade VS supports up to four players using matching Evercade Game Controllers or other USB game controllers. But that’s not all – it is a dual cartridge system, which means the player can choose from titles on two loaded carts. This expands the available game library to up to 40 games at any time, depending on the cartridges. With over 260 licensed games available – many of them two-player titles – the Evercade VS is the logical next step for the Evercade brand.

Evercade VS looks set to dominate the marketplace for home retro consoles and is one of the first with native 1080p Full HD resolution. Inside there is a Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor that powers the best available emulation for consoles and arcade titles. Evercade VS also boasts a brand new user interface and with Wi-Fi update capability. This delivers updates to firmware, games and operational improvements over the air.

But it is undoubtedly Evercade VS’s simultaneous four player mode that will attract the most interest. The new controllers expand the possibilities, building on the success of the original Evercade handheld and adding new bumper/shoulder buttons. Better still, you can even use the Evercade handheld as a controller using a special Red USB Cable, which will be sold separately.

While release of the Evercade VS is still several months away (November 2021), it looks an excellent evolution of the original handheld and will almost certainly play its part in enhancing retro gaming throughout 2022.