THEA500 Mini Retro Console Goes Gold, New Amiga Games Added

THEA500 Mini Retro Console Goes Gold, New Amiga Games Added

Last Updated on October 4, 2021

Retro Games Ltd has updated details of the Amiga games that will feature in the THEA500 Mini retro console as it enters production.

Confirming “gold” status of the console on Facebook, Retro Games Limited also added details of two new games.

The final firmware has been approved and the first parts of the manufacturing process are happening right now!

So it’s step one of the journey that will lead via manufacturing, packaging and shipping globally to retailers, before finally ending up in your hands early 2022.

The next two games to be announced for THEA500 Mini are Geoff Crammond’s The Sentinel, and from Team 17 Project-X Special Edition 93!

The Sentinel features solid 3D polygon-based graphics while Project-X Special Edition 93 is a superb classic horizontal shooter with a soundtrack by Allister Brimble, and is considered one of the best shmups for the Amiga.

Further titles will be announced over the coming months in the form of a non-seasonal advent calendar. To find out more, follow the Retro Games Ltd Facebook page. Meanwhile, here’s that post in full:

THEA500 Mini retro console is released in 2022 and you can order yours now from Amazon.

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