New GamesMaster Host Confirmed: Robert Florence

GamesMaster: the Oral History

E4’s GamesMaster reboot has found its new presenter in the shape of Robert Florence, who will be joined by Frankie Logan and Ty Ward.

The Scottish comedian, writer, filmmaker and poet, is recording three 60 minute episodes featuring celebrities playing videogames for supremacy. Florence’s gamer credentials are pretty strong, having contributed over the years to GamesTM, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Custom PC and other titles.

Was getting another Scot to replace Dominik Diamond intentional? Well, Londoner Dexter Fletcher didn’t fare well with the serious – and said a serious farewell at the end of his run – so perhaps that is the case. But listen, this news is pretty ancillary to the real casting.

We still don’t know who the new GamesMaster is…