The weeCee – Mini PC Runs MS-DOS and Windows 9x Titles

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Forget emulation and virtualization. If you’re a hardcore MS-DOS or Windows 9x gamer, you want a genuine x86 system. Forget wheezing old IBM compatibles, Time machines, Compaqs, and Gateway systems. There is an alternative: the weeCee.

Essentially a single-board computer (SBC) with an SD card slot, PS/2 mouse and keyboard adapter, and a D-Sub Game Port, the weeCee was conceived and built by YouTuber, The Rasteri. The device also features a VGA port, 3.5mm audio out, single USB 2.0 connector, a USB Type-C input for power, and Ethernet port.

Measuring 120x84x28mm, the weeCee features an SOM304RD System-on-Module board, which typically ships with 256Mb DDR2 and integrated graphics. This sits on the weeCee board itself, which houses the connectors and adds sound (not a feature of the SOM304RD).

Essentially this is a mini PC that can run most of the software and games you would have installed in the 1990s. Doom would be the obvious choice, but don’t forget about the flight sims, strategy games, and third person action platformers.

Sadly, the weeCee isn’t available to buy, but you can build your own by following The Rasteri’s design files.