Weekend Gaming Idea: Play Elite at Lego Scale!


It’s the question almost no one has asked: what if Lego characters could play Elite? Thanks to Twitter user @Okuboheavyind, we now know…

A recent tweet demonstrated a vide of Elite running on an Adafruit QtPu and ssd1306 128×64 OLED monitor. While not a playable version, it looks superb.

But, how did this happen? How did they program it?

It’s not entirely clear how a playable version of this “micro” Elite would be for a non-minifig (i.e., you or me) but the fact that the time was taken to give the Lego community some retro gaming magic should be admired. Of course, this teases the possibility of a version of Elite populated by Lego characters, or a brick-based version of the game, but we’ll let that slide for now as it’s too awesome to comprehend.