New Commodore 64 Game Kong Looks Familiar

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Kong is a new Commodore 64 game released in 2021. A Donkey Kong Jr. remake for the C64, it’s a game that looks good, but also seems to be a little frustrating.

Developed by Sputnik World, with graphics from Rulas International and music by Narcisound, Kong is available as a PRG file for download.

Retro gaming veterans will know that the Commodore 64 was overlooked for a port of Donkey Kong Jr. (no doubt for Tramiel-related issues) back in 1982. In the intervening years, various versions of Donkey Kong Jr. have been released on mostly Nintendo hardware, which you can review below:

Clearly, this new Commodore 64 game takes a unified approach, gathering the best elements of the classic Donkey Kong Jr. although it apparently remains a bit tricky. Nevertheless, if you’ve hankered after a Donkey Kong Jr. port for the past 41 years, you can grab your copy of Kong from now.