What You Should Know About the Evercade EXP Capcom Team Up

What You Should Know About the Evercade EXP Capcom Team Up

Last Updated on September 6, 2022

Everyone’s excited about the Evercade EXP Capcom games bonus, but there have been a few questions about it.

For example, which EXP models will the Capcom games be on? How long will they be available? Are they fully optimized titles?

In the Evercade Fans Hub on Facebook (membership approval required), Blaze spokesperson Ryan added the following information to the Evercade EXP’s Capcom info-drop:

– capcom games are permanent they will remain on the console forever
– capcom will remain on the white and black exp and isn’t just a pre order exclusive
– we are working on a solution for multiplayer which also involves the VS. We are not able to commit to anything just yet, so it’s TBC. Please bear with us we are a small team trying our best!
– The re-releases were heavily worked on by our resident arcade expert David Haywood who optimised the arcade titles so they would run as best they can on the device and they run amazing.
– the limited edition will have some capcom extras
– there will be a full capcom colour manual with both exp packages

Furthermore, he added that the deal with Capcom had been in progress for a couple of years, and “opens a lot of doors” for Blaze Entertainment and Evercade.

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