Will New GamesMaster Series Abandon Older Gamers?

Will New GamesMaster Series Abandon Older Gamers?

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

It has been confirmed that the rebooted version of GamesMaster will make a return to Channel 4 next year. The beloved 90’s games show series was given a reboot back in 2021, including 3 special episodes airing on E4 and E4’s YouTube channel.

The sales team are on the lookout for sponsors to deliver branded content for the show, with 2021’s sponsor being Meta Quest. In a press release published on Channel 4’s Sales website, it explained that “Last year, we brought GamesMaster back, generating an incredible 152m total impressions across all marketing, social digital and linear channels”.

A relatively recent tweet by the Channel 4 sales team details the future plans for this show.

“Now we want to take things even further. We want to continue to appeal to not just the nostalgic fans of the original series, but also bring GamesMaster to an even younger audience, people totally unaware of the brand heritage on 4″. It aims to enhance the series to have a “gaming ecosystem on C4’s social platforms”.

“This means we would still bring the entertaining gaming challenges, the nods to some of our most loved games and the unapologetic celebration of the very best of gaming culture, but we would be doing everything with a young, social-first audience in mind.” It’s great when nostalgia can be shared with old and new audiences alike, but does this mean that those fans who aren’t as social media savvy will feel slightly displaced?

A review of the rebooted show by VGC mentioned that “The new GamesMaster TV show is much better than it has any right to be” and “Channel 4’s reboot has the hosts, head and heart required to win over a new audience”. There is still no news about who the show hosts and GamesMaster will be. Previously in 2021, we have seen Rab Florence, Frankie Ward and Ty Logan featured on the show alongside Sir Trevor McDonald as the GamesMaster.

Are you looking forward to GamesMaster’s return?

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