Coming Soon: Half-Life 2 VR Mod Free on Steam for Half-Life 2 Owners

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Let’s hope Valve doesn’t go all “Nintendo” on this one.

The Source VR Mod Team is hard at work developing a Half-Life 2 VR mod that will be free for all gamers who own a Steam copy of Half-Life 2.

Some games never die, and the scene over at Ravenholm lives on in many people’s memories and their Steam libraries. The Half-Life series is precious, and Half-Life 2 is a timeless classic, to say the least. Only those who’ve played it know what an absolute gem Valve managed to pull from under their rug.

As if the game hasn’t already reached legendary status to most gamers of yesteryear, Half-Life 2’s presence is about to get even juicier. According to a post on EuroGamer, Ian Higton, video producer and content creator, has captured footage of The Source VR Mod Team’s latest creation (above).

A Half-Life 2 VR mod is right around the corner, and it’s an incredibly creepy, scary experience, as told by Ian. Watching the video is enough to express how immersive a Half-Life 2 VR mod can be, so imagine the reviews when it finally comes out.

If you already own the game on Steam, the mod will be absolutely free for you to install and play. There will be special instructions for accessing the “flat screen to Half-Life VR mod,” but it should pose no problem barring you have the right equipment.

The Source VR Mod Team has information about the upcoming mod and other projects they are currently working on their official site. There aren’t any official release dates at this time, but it should be coming very soon, considering there is already a functional version playable by content creators now.