Does the A500 Mini Update Break Firmware Hacks?

THEA500 Mini

For some this might be a concern. There have been some suggestions than the latest A500 Mini firmware (v1.1.1) causes isues with some early firmware hacks.

If you have installed any methods that enable the running of Workbench and then upgraded to the much-awaited firmware update, there is a possibility that things won’t run as expected following the update. The reason for this is simple: the new firmware overwrites everything!

(However, we should clarify that this does not include AMiNIMiga, which Jimmy Johansson confirms is unaffected by the firmware update.)

Furthermore, you might not be able to immediately return your A500 Mini to a state that runs Workbench. One tool that has been shown to fail to launch following the firmware update is Pandory, a USB sideloading hack that adds RetroArch and other software to the A500 Mini. However, after installing A500 Mini firmware v1.1.1, Pandory doesn’t run.

So, what is the answer? Well, if you want to keep your A500 Mini in a hacked state, don’t upgrade – at least, not until the hack your using runs on the latest upgrade.

For the best and most stable Amiga experience, however, we’d recommend using the A500 Mini as intended, and let the guys at Retro Games Ltd roll out new features after they complete testing.