Indie C64 Game Night Knight Gets Cartridge Release

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Commodore 64 game Night Knight – an indie port of the MSX classic – is now available on cartridge! Previously released on, Night Knight‘s physical release is being published by

Night Knight was released in late 2021, and has received some top reviews on Like the original, this is a platform puzzler, with 80 stages to complete.

This is a C64 port of the amazing MSX game Night Knight. C64 code, graphics and sound by Aris Kavalos. Original MSX version by the legendary  Juan J. Martinez.

Sir Bernard is cursed. The only way he can get some sleep at night is by taking a long walk, which is not easy at all when you live in an enchanted castle! 

Can you help him complete all 80 stages and break the curse? 

Visibly similar to the MSX original, Night Knight on the C64 appears to play almost identically, and the audio is as good as you would expect from SID. This comparison video between the two versions explores the similarities and differences further:

The game’s physical release has beem low-key, but this Facebook post by engineer Siem Appelman shows the cart PCBs awaiting their housings.

The Night Knight physical release box includes the game cartridge, a microSD card including disk image, the MP3 soundtrack, an eight-page DIN A5 manual (English), stickers, and a poster (Din A3).

You can grab the digital-only version on Aris’ page. Meanwhile, you can order the cart version of Night Knight from