John Romero Tells Revealing Side of Story in Upcoming 2023 DOOM Guy Memoir

DOOM GUY by John Romero

John Romero, co-founder of the legendary video game studio id Software, announced his upcoming biography to launch in 2023.

If you’ve ever heard the name “Doomguy,” you probably already know who John Romero is. For the others, John Romero is known for developing some of the most iconic games from several generations of gaming. Doom is the apparent reference for projects under his belt, but consider anything from id Software the fruits of his imagination.

Well, Romero just announced his upcoming biography titled “DOOM Guy: Life in First Person,” set to be released in 2023, and the gaming community and Doom fanbase are hyped.

DOOM GUY by John Romero
Finally, Romero’s truth will come to light.

The community’s excitement sets mainly with respect to his contribution to the world of gaming. However, gamers who have been following Romero’s life this past few decades know about some unfortunate events in Romero’s life.

Specifically, there is word that Romero’s memoir will include details about his departure from id Software back in 1996. The community knows about the “high-profile falling out” from an anecdote found in “David Kushner’s Masters of Doom,” where they covered the incident in more detail. 

However, it’s a delight to hear it from “the other horse’s mouth. Aside from that, John Romero will also cover his harsh childhood, dealing with abusive family members, and not-so-ideal living conditions.

Anyone who manages to cut through all that noise and find success the way John Romero did deserves a spot at the top. It is an honor that we will be able to hear his story, and we can only hope that people in similar situations find inspiration from reading his biography.