4 More Evercade Arcade Cartridges Teased for 2022

One of the main selling points of the Evercade VS was the inclusion of a new category of cartridge: genuine arcade games.

To differentiate from the existing line of games for the Evercade platform, the arcade carts are purple, while the original (ongoing) series of carts are red.

With the release of the Evercade VS, only four arcade collections have been available so far, but that is about to change…

In a special Easter tweet from the Evercade account, the 2022 roadmap has been updated, with four purple entries – two each in August and November.

At this point, the details of these four arcade carts can be limited only to speculation. Could it be a second Atari arcade collection? Sega or Capcom? Perhaps SNK or Taito?

Now admittedly, some of these suggestions are unlikely. Taito and Capcom in particular are already busy re-releasing their old classics (and some not so) for a new audience. Sega makes its own deals, and is busy issuing its own collection of retro hardware.

Third party titles from any classic arcade system are possible, of course, as are those from less well known platforms. The superb Gaelco Arcade Collection is a great example of that.