Glory Hunters Retro Kickstarter Game for Game Boy

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This is exciting: a new Kickstarter game for Game Boy! Glory Hunters is an open world action adventure boasting over 20 hours of game play.

Glory Hunters has already reached £24,389 of pledges of its £30,743 goal, nd is being developed by one man, Cesar Armini, with hardware publishing and distrubution through Bitmap Soft.

This looks set to be a massive game, with over a thousand achievements and trading cards to unlock. These ca be foud by engaaging with NPCs, just one of the many cool features planned for Glory Hunters.

Divided into chapters, the Kickstarter game campaign intends to deliver at least five repeatable quests in each. Chapter will also include two secret achievements and a level boss. Events will take place in  a new town in each chapter, with differing enemies and evironments.

Successful funding will result in a game with these chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Hunter
  • Chapter 2: Empire’s Misery
  • Chapter 3: Sea of Glory
  • Chapter 4: The Army of Fish
  • Chapter 5: Melchiah’s Mountain
  • End of Chronicle: God’s Revival

Some achievements can be found in the main game, while others are unlocked in minigames.  There is even the option for minigames to come with the consequence of lost progress, although this is limited to a specific difficulty: “The Mumir lurks within the dark woods. Find the right path to avoid him because he has the power to delete your entire save file!”

Stretch goes for the Kickstarter game include expanding Glory Hunters to 10 chapters.

The finished game will be issued as a physical Game Boy cartridge, published by Bitmap Soft, recreating the experence of physical media. A digital version will also be availble to play on PC via Steam. Various file types can be issue to backers, so emulation devices are supported, with GB files for GameBoy, GBA files for Game Boy Advance, CIA for 3DS consoles, and POCKET files for the analogue pocket.

To back this game, head to the Glory Hunters Kickstarter and select your preferred pledge. Not sure? Play the Glory Hunters demo in your browser now.