Morphcat Games Collection 1 Announced for Evercades, May Release

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If you have been missing NES-style action on your Evercade, the Morphcat Games Collection 1 might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Morphcat is a German team that has developing and releasing new games for the Nintendo Entertainment System for the past few years. From their website:

We are a two-man team bouncing around Berlin, dedicated to bringing new games to the NES: Julius Riecke does the programming and sound while Nicolas Bétoux creates graphics and levels. Spending nights and weekends on projects powered by sushi and pizza.

Featuring three games from the 8-bit indie developer and two bonus titles, the Morphcat Games Collection 1 will be released in May. Here’s how it was announced on Twitter:

Morphcat Games Collection 1 features:

  • Micro Mages (1-4 player)
  • Micro Mages: Second Quest (1-4 player)
  • Böbl (1 player)
  • Spacegulls (1-2 player)
  • Super Bat Puncher Demo (1-2 player)

Pre-Orders for this collection can be placed from March 31st. Keep an eye on the Evercade store page for the Morphcat Games Collection 1.