Looks Like Witchcraft: Travel Through Time Northern Lights

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Travel Through Time Vol 1: Northern Lights doesn’t look as though it should run on a ZX Spectrum. But if yours has 128Kb of RAM, it does – and looks amazing!

The Spectrum platform has been undergoing a gaming renaissance over the past few years, with a succession of increasingly impressive games released. Given this was a platform mocked for poor graphics in the 1980s, it’s come as something as a surprise, even to owners.

Developer Zosya Entertaiment has produced a racing game that appears to be superior to Chase HQ and Outrun on the Spectrum. The demo truly is astonishing, letting you reappraise just what a smart system the ZX Spectrum really was. The game features:

• 6 playable cars of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s
• Storyline and cutscenes
• Various racing types: challenge, time trial, duel, checkpoints etc
• Night racing, winter racing
• Many types of road objects
• Bridges, overpasses with dynamic shadows, tunnels
• Roadmarks and road signs
• High frame rate (up to 25 FPS)
• AY music and engine soun

Available to download now from Zosya.net, Travel Through Time Vol 1: Northern Lights is available free as a TAP file, in advance of a full physical tape release in July, complete with a CD of the OST.