What If Half-Life 2 Had Used the Quake Engine?

What If Half-Life 2 Had Used the Quake Engine?

I’m a sucker for Half-Life 2 themed nonsense, and this one is a classic – a remake of the game which relies on the Quake Engine.

Made by Scampi for a Quake Jam Mapping contest, the video shows the game being played and features G-Man, Alyx, and someone posing as Gordon Freeman…

Not convinced? One YouTube commenter noted that:

This is like a weird half life universe where ancient medieval warrior aliens took over earth and starved most people and giving them some weird zombie like virus.

That’s a pretty accurate description, to be honest. But the big question is obviously “how do I play this?” Well, there’s a link in the video to a popular online Quake community, but nothing direct to the map or skins. Prepare yourself for a hunt…

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