Ninja Carnage C64 Game Source Code Released on GitHub

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Developers of the brand new game Ninja Carnage C64 have released the source code on GitHub.

A semi-textual point-and-click “die and retry” adventure game, your mission in Ninja Carnage is to help a ninja kill the yakuza boss, overcoming two key problems…

Your mission, to help a Ninja kill the yakuza boss. But there are two problems. First, the Ninja is very “bad ass”. He has a very special sense of humour and he thinks you are a total loser. He is very irreverent.

The second problem is that the final boss is hidden very deep in a temple and your trip will lead you through supernatural situations.

With 29 levels of die and retry action (each error will lead the ninja to his/her death), the game features over 10,000 words and boasts 128 different potential deaths for the ninja. The game is available in seven languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Polish) and the story is based on japanese culture, historical facts and ghost stories.

Following release of Ninja Carnage C64, the game’s source has been made available on GitHub.

Ninja Carnage C64 is available to download from Games by Resistance. Note that there is also an Amstrad CPC version of Ninja Carnage.